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It’s time to introduce you to a new cannabis experience that's pushing the limits of quality in seeding, cultivation, and extraction of fine medical cannabis products. The Signature Cannabis standard. 

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Maintaining the legendary reputation of African cannabis strains by the diligent cultivation of rare phenotypes and unusual genetics.

AFRICANN Signature Cannabis is produced exclusively from exceptional African varieties flower and trichome-coated sugar leaf in a peaceful and organic environment that is giving the products the unique look and feel.

AFRICANN Spirit People
AFRICANN Spirit People

Our Story

Your well-being is at the heart of our mission. AFRICANN's crafted medical products cater to a diverse range of needs, offering personalized solutions for every individual. Whether you seek relief from aches and pains, desire radiant skin, or crave mental clarity, AFRICANN Signature Cannabis has a tailored experience to uplift and nurture your holistic wellness.

Our cultivation and processing facilities are based 1,600 meters above sea-level in the mountains of South Africa, where clean air and peaceful environment ensure the growth of high quality medical cannabis strains according to strict EU-GMP standards. Making it safe and controlled for patients to enjoy across the world.

AFRICANN strains are hand-selected for superior aroma, flavor, and effect before being used for a ultimate treatment experience which gives it the signature standard. 

AFRICANN - Signature Cannabis Buds
AFRICANN - Signature Cannabis Buds

Don't Hold Back on Anything

Now is the moment to embrace the extraordinary and embark on a transformative journey with AFRICANN's crafted medical products.

Experience the harmonious blend of nature’s wisdom and scientific innovation, and unlock a new level of wellness that will uplift your mind, body, and spirit.

Secure your order today and step into a world where extraordinary possibilities await. Also stay tuned and follow us for more information and product launches. 

AFRICANN - Signature Cannabis

Premium Genetics

Signature Collection

AFRICANN Wedding Cake

AFRICANN Wedding Cake

AFRICANN Gorilla Glue #4

AFRICANN Gorilla Glue